PAK FA (Prospective Airborne Complex of the Frontal Aviation)

First prototype of the PAK FA fighter T-50-1, 29th January 2010.

First prototype of the Sukhoi T-50-1 (PAK FA) future fighter, April 2010.

Fifth prototype of the PAK FA (Sukhoi T-50-5), November 2013. New painting scheme.

T-50-KHC (T-50 KNS)) for static tests: 2009 or even earlier

T-50-1 first flight: 29th January 2010.

T-50-2 first flight: 3rd March 2011.

T-50-3 first flight: 22nd November 2011.

T-50-4 first flight: 12th December 2012.

T-50-5 first flight: 27th October 2013 (Роман Кондратьев).

T-50-5P first flight: 16th October 2015

T-50-6-2 first flight: 27th April 2016

T-50-8 first flight: 17th November 2016

T-50-9 first flight: 24th April 2017

T-50-11 first flight: 6th August 2017

T-50-10 first flight: 23rd December 2017

Experimental aircrafts

Experimental Sukhoi Su-47 in 1997 and in 1999.

Experimental MiG 1.44, 1999.

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