Project T10M2
(maybe T10BM)

Multirole fighter Su-27M2 (also called Su-27BM, Su-35 and Su-35S) for Russian Air Force.
Multirole fighter Su-35 for export

S for Syeriyniy = Serial
M for Modifitsirivanniy = Modernised
In 2007 official name in Sukhoi's and KnAAPO's materials is Su-27BM (BM for Bolszaya Modernizatsya = Huge (Big) Modernization)
In 2008 official name in Sukhoi's and KnAAPO's materials is Su-35
In 2011 official name in Sukhoi's and KnAAPO's materials is Su-35S (S for Serial)
In 2017 export version is called Su-35SK (K for Commercial), Su-35S or simply Su-35.


Sukhoi Design Bureau
Komsomolsk-on Amur Aircraft Production Association named after Gagarin (KnAAPO).



Two flying prototypes: #901, #902 (designed as Su-27BM).

Deliveries for RuAF:
2012 - 10 to test centres: GLITs in Akhtubinsk and 4 TsBPiPLS in Lipyetsk
2013 - 12 to 23rd Regiment @ Dzemgi (red numbers)
2014 - 12 to 23rd Regiment @ Dzemgi (red numbers)
2015 - 10 to 22nd Regiment @ Tsentralnaya Uglovaya (blue numbers) and 159th Regiment @ Byesovyets (red numbers)
2016 - 10 to 23, 22 and 159 Regiments
2017 - 14 to 159th Regiment @ Byesovyets (red numbers)
2018 - 2 to 22nd Regiment @ Tsentralnaya Uglovaya

Deliveries for Chinese PLAAF (6th Brigade @ Suixi) (yellow numbers 67x7x) under contract from November 2015 for 24 x Su-35
Dec. 2016 - 4
Jun. 2017 - 5
Dec. 2017 - 5
2018 - 10 expected


Designation: T10BM-1 (Su-27BM)
Type: 1st prototype
Year: 2007 (first flight 02.2008)
Bort number: 901

  • Prototype of intermediate fighter of so called 4++ generation, to fill a gap between Su-27SM and expected in year 2010 aircrafts of 5th generation.
  • Experimental Su-35, completed in summer 2007 at Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Production Association (KnAAPO), for the first time was showed at MAKS-2007 air show. A name Su-35 was used once again, first time in 90's for T10M project (Su-27M).
  • MNPK AvionicaImproved airframe, aerodynamically similar to the Su-27, without canard foreplanes and upper brake flap, with reinforced chassis. Electronic integrated control system developed by MNPK "Avionika" = "AVIONICA" Moscow Research and Production Complex (MRPC) Joint stock company (JSC)
  • New engine 117S developed by NPO "Saturn" Research and Production Association (city of Rybinsk, formed in 2001 from OAO "Rybinskiye Motory" and OAO "A. Lyulka-Saturn"), upgraded of AL-31F, with TVC nozzle. Engines are co-produced by Ufa-based Motor Building Association (UMPO) and NPO Saturn. Prototype flies with 117S engines in first half of the year 2008. Since 03.2004 first produced engine was tested on old prototype of Su-27M (T10M-10 with bort numer 710).
  • RPKBFull "glass" cockpit with two full-color multi-function liquid crystal displays of MFI type, with measure 9 x 12 inches (diagonal 15 inches) and a resolution of 1400x1050 pixels. HOTAS concept applied. Avionics developed by Instrument Design Bureau of Ramenskoye (RPKB) and affiliated companies of Technocomplex Research and Production Association.
  • Tikhomirov NIIPNew X-waveband radar N035 Irbis (Irbis-E for export) with a passive phased antenna array developed since 2004 by NIIP named after V.Tikhomirov = Scientific-Research Institute of Instrument Production. Since summer 2005 radar was tested on prototype Su-30MKK/MK2 with bort numer 503.
  • Irbis-E was tested on Su-30MKK2 flying laboratory in early 2007 at Flight Research Institute named after M.M.Gromov (LII) in Zhukovskiy.
    Gromov LII
  • Optronic targeting pod Sapsan-E (produced by UOMZ from Yekatyerinburg [Ekaterinburg] = Ural Optical & Mechanical Plant), since 2007 tested on prototype Su-30MKI/MKM bort number 04.
  • First flight: 19th February 2008, pilot Sergei Bogdan; 8th July 2008 presented to Russian Air Forces commanders and officials, at the end of first stage of tests.
  • Serial production expected in 2010.
  • 2008: offered to China, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Libia (S-300, Tor, Buk, MiG-29, Su-30, Mi-17, Mi-35, Ka-52; 04.2008 Putin visits Tripoli), Brasilia, Indonesia.

2007: Sukhoi's Design Bureau official vision of future Su-35.

Experimental Su-35-1 - 1st prototype of Sukhoi Su-27M2 (Su-35), 08.2007, MAKS-2007.

Spring 2008: model of future Su-35 presented at chilean FIDAE 2008 by United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

Designation: T10BM-2 (Su-27BM or Su-35)
Type: 2nd prototype
Year: 2008 (first flight 10.2008)
Bort number: 902

Su-35-2 - 2nd prototype of Sukhoi Su-27M2 (Su-35), 10.2008. New stunning camouflage scheme, also underside!

Designation: T10BM-3
Type: 3rd prototype
Year: 2008
Bort number: 903

  • For ground tests

Designation: T10BM-4 (Su-27BM or Su-35)
Type: 3rd flying prototype (4th in fact)
Year: 2009
Bort number: 904

  • Brand new aircraft was in April 2009 destroyed at Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Dzemgi airfield) during high-speed ground tests (take-off). Happily, test pilot Yevgeni Frolov ejecting safetly.
  • Camouflage was the same as 902.

Serial Su-35S

Designation: Su-35S-1
Type: Serial
Year: first flight: 3 May 2011, Sergey Bogdan
Bort number: 01

  • On MAKS 2011 exhibition, August 2011, in old well-known standard camouflage.
  • 1st serial for Russian Air Force.

Su-35S - 1st serial Sukhoi Su-27M2 from 2011. August 2011.

Designation: Su-35S-2
Type: Serial
Year: first flight: 2 December 2011, Sergey Bogdan
Bort number: 02

  • Second serial for Russian Air Force.
  • Painted in January 2012, with logo of the 929th GLITs MoD RF in Akhtubinsk.
    GLITs it's a 929th order of Lenin Red Banner State Flight-Test Center of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, named after V.P. Chkalov
    (929-й Государственный летно-испытательный ордена Ленина Краснознаменный центр Министерства обороны Российской Федерации, им. В. П. Чкалова; 929 ГЛИЦ МО РФ; Ахтубинск).

Designation: Su-35S-3
Type: Serial
Year, first flight: 17 January 2012, Taras A. Artsebarskiy
Bort number: 03

Su-35S-3 - 3rd serial Sukhoi Su-35S. Painted in February 2012.

Designation: Su-35S-4
Type: Serial
Year, first flight: 19 February 2012 by Taras A. Artsebarskiy
Bort number: 04

  • 17 March 2012: The 4th serial multi-purpose Su-35S took off from the airfield of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association and fly to GLITs State Flight-Test Center in Akhtubinsk.

Su-35S-4 - 4th serial Sukhoi Su-35S. March 2012.

28th December 2012: six serial multi-purpose Su-35S for Russian Air Force.

28th January 2013: three Su-35S fly to Akhtubinsk (darkgrey camouflage: #06 #07 #08).

9th Febrary 2013: at least three Su-35S fly to Akhtubinsk (darkgrey camouflage: #09 #11 #12).

Question: why not aircrafts numbers 05 and 10?

End of 2012: total 10.

December 2012. New painting scheme: darkgrey and lightblue.
January 2013 to Akhtubinsk
January 2013 to Akhtubinsk.
June 2013 at Le Bourget.
January 2013 to Akhtubinsk
February 2013 to Akhtubinsk
February 2013 to Akhtubinsk
February 2013 to Akhtubinsk

Su-35S - one of the six Su-35S for Russian Air Force, number 06, December 2012.

Chinese Su-35S, 2017, Suixi air base.

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